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Mon to Sun 08:30AM - 10:00PM
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Best Medical Service

FMHCCL offers various facilities to patients and is well-equipped with advanced medical instruments. The consultants and specialists are experienced and well-reputed in their fields.

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Real time reports of test results. We upgrade lab services by modern equipments and engaging trained medical experts.

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Trained Medical Staff

The medical staff of the FMHCCL is fully trained, skilled and are committed to provide the best medical services. They are trained with new techniques and tools that allows them to perform well with more efficiency.
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Qualified Doctor

Our doctors are approachable, confident, intelligent, empathetic, caring, and are able to absorb patient’s pain. Lives and while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Mission

We have an aim to deliver healthcare for all human beings, particularly for the deserving patients. We feel deep sympathy and agony by the pain of the unfortunate ones and would really like to help by providing them healthcare facilities that they need timely in a lively ambiance. We have good doctors and skilled staff, dedicated and committed to work tirelessly at FMHCC, who have a purpose to live not for themselves only but in the servitude of others.

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Health Care (FMCL) Guide

FMHCC Healthcare offers a comprehensive range of facilities and services at the clinic, including, diagnostics, pathology, outpatient’s clinic, pediatrics, laboratory and pharmacy. Get in touch with us to discover the experience of FMHCC which provides safe, accurate and high quality patient care and diagnostics. For us, the patient will always remain at the center of care and we will continually strive to provide safe, high quality services.

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Exercise is therapy
A Healthy Heartbeat
Is a Wonderful Treat
An apple a day
keeps the doctor away
Take care of the trees
they will take care of you